Welcome to Hereditary Disease Circle. 

We PUT PATIENTS FIRST by promoting symbiotic relationships and synergies between those seeking cures, families, researchers, disease organizations, research foundations and policy makers.  We advocate for research, and for translating that research into clinical solutions.  Factoring “U” into the HealthCARE system transforms palliative treatments into regenerative cures and drives down costs.  The priority of a HealthCURE system is about restoring health, not profiting off of suffering patients.

Innovations in RNA Interference, gene therapy, stem cells, and tissue regeneration, can cure deadly diseases at their root cause.  From Diabetes to Heart Disease to Cancer to Neurodegenerative diseases, the long hard sought after cures are emerging now.  Now is the time to enable a system that delivers healing and cures while funding the medical research community of scientists and doctors that do so.

We must replace an antiquated system with one that saves millions of lives, and trillions of dollars.  Not just finding cures, but making them available, is absolutely essential for American’s future and our children’s future.  As advocates for a better world, we are here to cure the system and save lives.  Please collaborate and share your insights, and help us simply do just that.

Jonathan Monkemeyer

Translational Research




Hereditary Disease Circle
MISSION: Apply Molecular Genetics to Eradicate Disease 
PURPOSE: Accelerate Translating Research into Cures.
FOCUS: Neurological Diseases
SPOTLIGHT: Huntington’s
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